About Threads That Thrive

Threads That Thrive's mission is to improve the mental health of 2SLGBTQ+ individuals in Calgary. We offer skills workshops, information sessions, and resources to ensure that people can get the most out of life.

At Threads That Thrive, we understand that the way we look affects the way we feel about ourselves. When we wear clothing that fits well and compliments our personalities, we feel confident and energized! However, the fashion industry generally caters to a very narrow portion of society in terms of body shape, size, and gender identities. We are here to patch up those holes while providing people with a new skill set and renewed confidence in their self-expression.

Often, one of the challenging aspects of body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, and various anxiety and depression disorders is self-esteem. When we try on clothing straight off the rack and it bulges here or wedges in there, it can make us feel like our bodies aren’t “right”. Threads That Thrive believes that no body is “wrong” and that we can learn to create and alter looks that empower and uplift! We hold information sessions and offer various resources specific to your needs. With workshops from making clothing templates, using a sewing machine, to altering clothing you already own, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit. Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming workshops and information sessions!

Threads That Thrive was featured on Global News.
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This story indicates that workshops are held at a previous location. Check Events Calendar for most current information.

Who We Are

Calgary-based not-for-profit with the goal of supporting the 2SLGBTQ+ communities with resources and skills-learning.

We aim to uplift and support the queer communities in Alberta through community building and resiliency.

If you need support, please reach out to Hello@ThreadsThatThrive.ca.


Cassidy El Darazi


Eddy ElDarazi
Chair of the Board


Edward Simone
Board of Directors - Treasurer


Ciara Lanctot
Board of Directors - Volunteer Coordinator


Rebekah Bulych
Board of Directors - Technical Support


Kayla Arthur
Honorary Lifetime Member of the Board of Directors.

How To Help - Volunteer or Donate

Get involved by emailing Hello@ThreadsThatThrive.ca. Consider donating gently used clothing, fabric, thread, even scrap fabric and ends can be used in learning.

We survive on community support. Consider reaching out to help us keep our programming going, any financial donations provided will be used directly in program delivery.